Bostech ICT Solutions Limited is one of the fastest growing ICT company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with a corporate history that goes back 10 years.

Bostech delivers ICT Solutions to the government, corporate and private sectors. Our technical services focuses on developing and maintaining the highest level and a suitable bleed of skills in core infrastructure products, enabling us to undertake the most intricate and demanding maintenance service jobs.

Our Vision

To be a world class leader in powering automation value chain by offering cutting edge technology solutions at all levels of business processes.


To provide professional, high quality, reliable and efficient ICT Solutions while maintaining the ease and simplicity of usage to all our customers.

Asset Methodology

Every client at Bostech ICT Solutions Limited is a ‘valued client’. We want to provide the very best and ONLY the very best to each and every client. We are able to guarantee such high levels of consistency across all our major projects by means of our own proven proprietary methodology, Bostech ICT Solutions Limited ASSET.

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